Foreign shipping

We are able to deliver Your order to Your country if You live in Europe, Asia, North or South America and Australia.

To European Union area we send mostly with GLS courier and Polish Post using Global Expres service for smaller packets.
Approximate cost for most popular countries we deliver are listed below:

For all the other countries outside European Union we use EMS courier or Polish Post trackable parcel for shipping.

(EMS shipping cost settle individually)

Pleas note that duty, tax and customs’ costs are not included in the price or shipping charge. These charges are buyer’s responsibility. Before purchase contact customs in your country to find out what are the border costs. Usually customs charges are taken by delivery company. These are not additional shipping charges. We are not lowering prices on customs declaration form.

After we send package You will receive number to track it online.

Remember to check package with courier to make sure that box wasn't damaged during transport. It's very important because abroad packages are handled by many couriers stations (usually in each transit country). If box is damaged (for example cutted or dented) ask courier to write protocol of damage.

Return policy:

You are allowed to send us back the purchased product. You are obliged then to inform us about it at latest 14 days after receiving the product. You can inform us about the contract cancelation using email.

To make a return, please contact to authorise and then send the goods to the following address:


Quarta PHU Nowakowski
Pilsudskiego 5
59400 Jawor


c/o Eurohermes
Rauschwalder Str. 41
02826 Görlitz

In case you decide to send us the cable, only the product price will be refound. The client covers the shipping costs in both directions.
The contract cancelation doesn't apply to commercial purchases.

Approximate Value of zloty:
1 zł = 0.25 EUR
1 zł = 0.20 GBP
1 zł = 6 CZK

How to order?

Making order via website or write us an e-mail - which include:

  • What You want to buy (products with lenghts if necessary)
  • Your address and phone number (for courier who will delivery package)
  • Method how You want to pay: PayPal or international money transfer.
  • If You decide on PayPal - there is a fee - 4% of value of order, but if You pay by international money transfer Your bank probably will charge You as well for transfer.
  • PayPal is a better way , because we have money instantly and we can send package even next day, if You don't have PayPal You can sign it up for free - there is no charge for register and having account. On PayPal You can use credit cards and Your local bank account to pay.
  • Don't send us money on PayPal until You receive invoice from us.

Foreign transfer:

Paymant in PLN:

BRE Bank S.A.
Account number: IBAN - PL 56 1140 2004 0000 3402 6428 3225
Payment in EUR

Sparkasse Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien
Account number: IBAN - DE 52 8505 0100 0232 0325 80


We are registered as a business seller.

National Business Registry:

Quarta PHU Antoni Nowakowski
ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 17
59-800 Lubań
Number REGON: 230276793
VAT Identification Number NIP: PL6131016743
EORI Number: PL613101674300000

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